Welcome to Odyssey Restaurant in Rhodes

The Odyssey restaurant began operating in 1992.

The kitchen of the restaurant is Greek, modern, Mediterranean Fresh seafood, and for vegetarians there is a possibility of many options. All products are meat-fish and vegetables used are fresh and locally on the island. The oil used in salads and in cooking is genuine olive oil. There is great variety in cuisine from many different options.

We particularly recommend:

Salads. Salad Manouri, Cretan salad, Pomegranate Spinach and Walnuts.

Appetizer. Patty cheese, mushrooms stuffed with hazelnut, Grilled vegetables, zucchini, shrimp avocado, tuna carpaccio.

Greek dishes. Lamb kleftiko hull, Shoes, Lamb baked with wine sauce, pitaroudia.

Meat. Mixed meat for two people, souvlaki, rib beef and Fresh Greek fillets with sauces of your choice.

Pasta. Shrimp Linguine, Tagliatelle seafood Penne with four cheeses.

Seafood. Lobster, Grilled octopus, squid stuffed with cheese and tomato, seafood varieties, Cuttlefish ink.

There is a great variety of Greek wines.